Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Swim Lessons

Sam and Elise are taking swim lessons. Elise is so proud to have a teacher - "like Sam does at school!" This swim school is pretty different. They start by throwing the kids in the air, letting them splash into the water and then yell at them to swim to the side.
I'm just kidding! Although I bet the kids would learn a lot faster that way. These lessons get pretty expensive. The teachers are VERY patient. I think it's because the longer the kids take to learn the more money they make, right? Ughh... The kids are really enjoying it and they are making progress. Summer is going to be fun!
I asked Sam to smile for the camera and this is what I got. A mouthful of water sprayed at me.
Sweet Elise just gave me a smile. There is a difference between boys and girls. And I LOVE them both.


Jen said...

This was cracking me up because I actually put my kids in the kind of swim lessons that you were joking about :)!!! Ethan is on his third year and totally loves it. He was not a fan at first!! The kids look so sweet, as always........

Anonymous said...

Regan started her swim lessons too and is loving it! But you are lucky because either Dave or I have to be in the water with her!