Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Notes

The best thing about Sam starting school last year was his learning to read and write.  One of the best things about Sam learning to read and write is that Elise is eager to try to keep up with her big brother. Halfway through the year we started finding notes left by our bed.
Elise would copy by leaving notes too, but she chose to keep the notes short.  And she insisted on using some notecards that she found in my desk.
Her notes usually include a picture of her or her and someone else and then her signature.
This is one of her early signatures that I really love.
I love how she has lots of lines in her E's and that the first E and the last E face eachother. 
It just makes sense.

Throughout the year, Sam's writing improved and his pictures included more details.
Elise started to experiment with color.

Elise's handwriting is starting to it should, but I will always love her early style.  This note is getting much more advanced including some lower case. I think Sam helped her with her spelling on this note about her BFF Ella.  That...or she knows more than she is letting on at pre-school.
This writing thing also helps Sam communicate his frustrations as this runaway note shows. 
I can't remember what he was mad about but I am happy he got it off his chest.
This looks like Elise needed to air some grievances as well. 
Today was the first day of First Grade.  Can't wait to see what this year brings.
I love my 6 and 4 year olds.
I am trying to cherish everyday.
I know these days will pass too quickly.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tahoe Continued

When I win the lottery, we are moving to Tahoe.  Or at least buying our summer home there.  It would be a perfect getaway since the summers in San Diego tend to be foggy and cool.  I love, love, love, Tahoe.  One of the most beautiful places in the my opinion.

Our last four days in Tahoe we spent with our good friends at Casa Bowman.  Keith and Chris have been friends for a long time.  Since, like forever since the late 70's, man.  When we reunite in Tahoe every year, there is an instant comfort and lots of stories to re-live and laugh about. 

Every year we have the same schedule of events...we always have a beach day...

The men have a golf and poker day while the women folk entertain the kids.  This year we found a new hiking trail near their cabin.
While on the hike, I think we may have arranged a marriage.  Elise still has a choice though...they have three bachelors to choose from.  This day it looked like Cash had the edge.
 For the first time we all figured out the boys would be in a lot less trouble when the golf/poker day gets out of hand if the girls plan a day off as well.  We shopped, went to lunch, got our nails did and met this random woman outside of Garwoods. Amazing how a few drinks in high altitude brings strangers together!  The men took the kids fishing and Sam caught his first fish. 
They were also thrilled about spotting a bald eagle flying above them. 

We usually start out the 4th of July with a day at the kids are waiting for their chance to jump...
The trip would not be complete without a little photo shoot.  This is my favorite from this year.

Our last night is always a picnic dinner, a group photo, and fireworks in Tahoe City.

Sam tried out my camera for the first are a few of his shots.

We usually wake up at 5:00 the following morning to start our long
and beautiful drive home down the backside of the Sierra's. 
Looking forward to Tahoe 2011!