Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

My dad was here for a few days this past weekend. For almost 3 years now he has wanted to check out the flower fields that are only in bloom for 2 months of the year. We finally made it! We tried to check out the view from above without paying to go in because, well, I am cheap and didn't want to spend the $9 to get in. The view from above just doesn't cut it. Can't get the same kind of pictures you can up close. So we broke down and headed to the entrance of the flower fields.
The type of flower they plant here are ranunculus. They come in very vibrant colors and have tons of petals. Tulips are my very favorite flower but these come in at a very close second. Look at how beautiful they are.
Before I bore you with way too many pictures of flowers. Here is one of Sam.
Here is Papa Han.
And this angry little girl...not sure who she is, but she was seriously pissed about having her nap time disrupted to come see flowers.

I tried to stop editing these flower pictures but photoshop is like my drug and I can't stop.
Just a few more.
I am really trying to stop now. But then look at this picture.
And I liked this one too.
And look at that sky next to millions of brightly colored blooms. Can't resist.

The last one. These are marigolds I think or Mums. I don't know...I just liked the orange-yellow color contrasted by the blue sky.
Thanks for putting up with me.


Jen said...

I wish we would've gone there!!!

Mama Bear said...

LOVE all the flowers! How nice to have that near you! We need to come down and check it out sometime...are all those flowers still around or are they mostly gone now??