Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things you find in a house with kids

I think we are very fortunate to live in our house. I love that we have a playroom. A nice big room where we can keep all of the kids toys organized and handy. This is what the playroom looks like.
Just kidding. It looks like that about once a week. Most of the time it looks like this.

I sometimes go through phases of forcing the kids to clean it up at night before bedtime. But usually by bedtime, I am too tired and lazy to be that disciplined and we just stick to brushing their teeth and getting their pajamas on. What's the point? 30 minutes after they wake up in the morning, it will look like a big mess again. And that's okay with me because the mess is upstairs and most of the time I don't have to see it.
But I love the hints that kids leave behind throughout the house. Reminders that kids live here no matter how often you tidy up the downstairs. Sometimes I take pictures of the random things I find.
A bouncy ball outside my bedroom door.
A spider on my desk.
A dog on Keith's nightstand.

A piece of pizza on my bathroom counter.
A naked barbie on my desk.
And dolls on the floor. Babies are loved around here but they need to be tough.
I always seem to find them face down on the floor and if their clothes are removable, they will be naked.
There are the lucky ones. Sometimes I will actually find them carefully wrapped and buckled in a stroller.
But most of the time...naked and face down on the floor.


Mara said...

This is too funny. Our dolls get the same treatment. I'm loving the more frequent blogging:)

Jen said...

This is hilarious... I love it :o)! Only you, Marisa, would think to appreciate all the stuff that's left under our feet. Your blog makes me thankful for everything we have and more.... XOXO