Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keeping "Joe the Plumber" busy.

So a couple of months ago I found this...
I thought I got them all out and started locking the door to the bathroom to keep Elise from playing with toys in the toilet. Although she thought it was quite fun!

A few weeks ago, the toilet started flushing slow and seemed a little off. The problem did not magically go away on its own so today I broke down and called the plumbers.

After removing the toilet, shoving things through it, shaking it, wiggling it, almost hurling it into the street, and turning it upside down, a little orange stacking cup finally came out.

Money well spent!

Friday, October 10, 2008


It is rare, but today Sam wanted me to take his picture. I think I got a few good ones!

Halloween practice

We love Halloween around here. Halloween is Sam's favorite holiday. This week we decorated the outside of the house with homemade ghosts, some pumkins and spider webs. We have also been trying on Halloween costumes. Elise is going to be Raggedy Ann. She had fun trying on my witch wig.
Sam looks scary. But that is daddy's mask.
This is Sam's costume. A cool ghoul is what it is called. It is the scariest thing we could find for his age/size. This next picture is what he wanted to be. Thank God it does not come in his size.Oh... Sam loves Candy Corn!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sam is playing t-ball! Here are a few shots from the games. During the first game, his best friend was not able to make it because his Mommy was in the hospital with a new baby. Sam did not really know anyone and seemed a little shy. Not fully committed to the game. At the bottom of the 2nd inning, I asked him if he liked it. "Yes. I really like it." Then with more enthusiasm, "I like it more than school!"

Ben is in this picture with Sam. Ben is Sam's best buddy. (Other than Daddy.) Sam plays better when Ben is there. I think he gets more competitive.

I don't even know this kids name. I just know every time I pulled out my camera - he was there, front and center.
Elise loves the games too. She wants to play when she is 3. Right now, she enjoys eating snacks and sitting with Daddy.

Need to catch up

I am not updating this blog as often as I was hoping too. Maybe when I am a full time stay at home Mom next week I can spend more time keeping this up to date. I am not even sure how many people look at this but it is a good way for me to journal what the kids are doing. So let me load up some pictures and get caught up.

My Mom came for a visit. She was in Orange County for work. Elise, Sam and I hung out in Downtown Disney while we waited to pick her up. We went to Build-a-bear. I wanted to do one more fun thing before I am not making any money.
Elise decided on a Panda Bear and Sam chose a blue bear. He is not in any of these pictures. He gets tired of me taking his picture.
They were both very happy with their bears. But I regretted doing it. I think they have become spoiled after so many fun events with our visitors.
She looked like a little business woman. People were laughing and smiling as she passed. She was getting a lot of attention.

With my Mom, we just relaxed, went to a T-ball game and cooked. We made a delicious Cafe Rio Salad. Shoot! Cafe Rio Salad. I just remembered Keith's cousin left me a message asking for the recipe. I added a new section to this site where I am going to post some of my recipes...but for now I just have links to sites with good recipes. The fav family recipes site is the one with the salad recipe. Kayla - if you read this. Look there. I will remember to call you tomorrow!
These are my Mom's hands, tearing the lettuce. I took an actual picture of her. But it was low light and I refuse to use flash, and well, I am still learning.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One more of the girls

I forgot to include this cute picture of Elise and Regan at the hotel. They were very happy in their new Minnie Mouse jamas.