Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Papa and Curly

Before I get back to Coronado, I have to finish loading up the pictures from Papa and Curly's visit earlier this month.

Aren't they a good looking couple?!
We started out the weekend by watching Sam's soccer game.

Curly brought the kids and I new aprons and some dinosaur cookie cutters so of course, we had to bake!
Someone doesn't like loud noises like the sound from the mixer...

but Curly was close by to make it all alright.
What do you get when you cross an overly tired 4 year old with staying up too late and a broken dinosaur cookie?
Amazing what using a little frosting as glue can do to the cookie and the 4 year old.
We used these edible markers to decorate. Easy and clean. Curly is so smart.
I know, random snowman cookies in May. We used every cookie shape we have. I don't make sugar cookies that often, figured we should get some use out of them while we can.
The rest of the visit was spent mostly just goofing around with Papa and Curly. What can be better than that?

Oh, that's right. When Papa and Curly take you to Pei Wei!
This is one of the kids favorites restaurants. They love them some Edamame.
And some honey seared chicken and noodles. Sorry, my pictures don't look very appetizing but really, the food is pretty tasty. If you have kids and you have a Pei Wei nearby, try it out. The kids are so busy eating here we actually get to enjoy a quiet and pretty calm meal.
Followed by some horsing around outside.

Thank you, Papa and Curly for driving down for a visit and all the goodies you brought with you. We had so much fun!

Something sweet is happening here...

More about it in my next post about things you see in Coronado. Right now, I am off to pick up Sam from school.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


One day while picking up a few things at Target, Sam saw this mascara at the end of an aisle and insisted that I needed it. He wanted to buy it for me. Or rather, he wanted me to buy it for me. I tried to talk him out of it...this isn't even the brand I normally use but it was obviously very important to him that I have this mascara. The bright yellow, Maybelline Colossal Volume Express was the only mascara that would do. I know I have sparse lashes...even with mascara they are hard to see. But does a 4year old really notice these things? I gave in. I bought it. Now, whenever Sam sees me putting on make-up, he runs to my drawer and grabs the mascara, hands it to me and says, "Mommy, don't forget this. And I want to see the before and after." He likes to watch me put it on one eye and then show him so he can see the difference between the eye with mascara and the eye without. Then he giggles and feels complete and walks away. Sometimes he'll follow with questions like, "Mommy, are you so happy that I got you this mascara? Was that a great idea? Do you love it?" Other times he just walks away. If he doesn't catch me putting on my makeup then he usually remembers on our way out of the house. "Wait, Mommy!! Did you remember to put on the mascara?!"

I don't get it. I don't know why it is so important to him. But it is just one of those silly things about Sam that I don't want to forget.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Taco Dangerfish

I made a deal with Sam. We would give Cryptoclydus a new home and he could pick out a Beta Fish as a new pet. He was thrilled. I think the novelty of the turtle had already worn off.
Elise and Sam came up with the name Taco Dangerfish.

We had this fish less than 24 hours before our first incident. Sam was staring at the fish in his bowl on Saturday morning. He sneezed. His sneeze caused him to headbutt the fish bowl. The fish bowl shattered. Glass and water poured out onto the counters and the floor. Luckily the bottom of the bowl remained intact and with enough water to keep Taco safe. Thankfully, Sam knew to stay perfectly still although he did scream his head off at the shock and fear of what just happened. But he did not get cut. Just what we needed at 8:00AM on a Saturday morning while trying to get everyone fed and ready to go to a 9:00AM soccer game. Keith was already gone...heading to a volunteer day to paint a halfway house. I also had to prep for a full day out and about. All I could do was take a few deep breaths and remind myself not to get stressed out about getting to a 4 year old soccer game on time. Just soothe Sam, clean it up and get on with the day. Some mornings just don't go as planned. I just felt relief that Sam did not get hurt and we did not kill the fish.

This square bowl has much thicker glass. I don't think Sam can break it with his head and here's hoping we never find out.

Cryptoclydus has a new home

We found a new home for Cryptoclydus and we have a new pet in exchange. Isn't she cute?

Such a happy dog...but unfortunately, this is not our new pet. This cutie lives where Crypto is now residing. Our friends, Jodi and Patrick, happen to be turtle experts. Well, they have 5 in the pond in their backyard so I think that qualifies them as experts.

And...now they have 6. We brought Crypto over on Sunday. Not only did they offer to house our turtle, they offered to make us dinner too. What nice friends to have!

Here's Crypto - swimming in his new home.

While living with us in our tiny pond he would hide under a rock or sit in the sun. Not much movement. The moment he arrived at his new home, he was all over the place. He looked very happy. I think he wanted to hug me. I knew we made the right decision. I am also very proud of Sam for making the right decision to give him up. I know it was a tough one. Sam loved the idea of having a pet.
Look closely at this next picture, you can see two turtles. One of the residents came over to check out the new little guy. Crypto is definitely the baby of the group. (If you are wondering about the red X on his back, Jodi painted it on with nail polish as a way to identify him.)

Not only do Jodi and Patrick have a pond, they have an amazing backyard with trails and lots O' toys. Elise very excitedly told me, "Mommy! They have a playground!"
This toy that she is on is one of her favorites. It is the Go To toy whenever she is lucky enough to be at a house that has one. It is a little roller coaster track that you ride down on this little car. Sometimes I think about getting one but I worry that it would take the excitement away from it.

This is Noah. The owner of the roller coaster who was very nice to share it with Elise.
They have a playhouse too - Elise LOVES this. We don't have one of these either. But if we did...would she love it as much??

We hiked up to the back of the yard that opens up to open space and views of Rancho Santa Fe.
The kids threw rocks off the edge. Why is that so fun? I still like to do that too.

It doesn't look like much is going on in these photos, but Sam is very afraid of dogs. This a big, brave moment for him.

This was a big, brave day for Sam too. I really am proud of him for listening and agreeing that Cryptoclydus would be most happy in a bigger pond with other turtles. We did get another pet in exchange. One we are much more suited for. Pictures of the new guy in the next post.