Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Dinosaurs are Sam's latest obsession. Before this, he really liked animals, all animals. Before that, it was deep dark ocean creatures. And, for a long time before that, it was cars. I asked Sam how long he thinks he will like dinosaurs, he replied, "FOREVER!" Someone told me the next phase will be outer space...but Sam says, no way...just dinosaurs. "That is all I love. Well dinosaurs and real people because, like, I love you and Daddy and Elise, and my friends. I love everybody and dinosaurs." Notice the 'like' in the sentence. He is like, a valley girl. Totally.

This picture is from Easter morning. Sam was so excited about all the dinosaurs the Easter Bunny brought him. " How did the Easter Bunny know that I like Dinosaurs??? I think he can see far away and saw me playing with dinosaurs at school, and sees me watch dinosaur shows so he GIVES ME DINOSAURS!"

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures. I would love those dinosaurs, too, but I'm afraid our big puppy would like them even more and chew them to pieces. Don't share that story with your son. It might give him nightmares.