Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another First

Elise had her first dentist appointment a few weeks ago! Just in time for all the sugar she had at Easter. She watched Sam go first. She was very quiet while she observed. Daddy said something like, "whose the lucky one who gets to get their teeth cleaned today?" Elise responded, "Not Me-ee!"

I love this dentist. They are so good with the kids. They provided Elise with a little tooth brush distraction before they started.I loved watching her make her own little decisions about what flavors she wanted them to clean her teeth with. You can decide between bubble gum, cookie dough, grape, orange, and strawberry. I thought for sure, strawberry. I know that is what she'll want. Elise asked for "Princess" flavor. The dental hygienist was smart and did not miss a beat. "Princess flavor it is!"

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Jen said...

These are so cute! I love that Kalie is there watching Elise :o). We went to get kinder shots and one last one for Kalie the other day. I told them if they get scared, they can just think about the ice cream we were going to get at Baskin Robbins afterwards. So Ethan starts rattling off all the flavors he likes. But Kalie responded with "No, if I'm scared I'm just going to think about Elise."