Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Relaxing - Resort style

Holy Moly, I am lucky. Lucky that I found an amazing deal at a really nice resort. Lucky to have a good friend to go with. And lucky to have a husband who is willing to watch the kids all weekend so that I can go relax at a resort with a good girlfriend. It was so nice. I was super lazy and I loved it. I was even too lazy to take pictures. Just a few. Here is one of the view from the room.

Here is my girlfriend, Danielle, who was nice and flew down this way so I didn't have to fly. I HATE flying. It is like a near death experience for me. So when she mentioned she could fly down this way I quickly agreed that would be a great idea.

This was my bed. See what Mom's do when their kids aren't around?

We ate chips we never let our kids eat. I chose Cheetos. Danielle had pringles. We had cake. We read books and gossip magazines. We did a little shopping. Ate out a few times. And, we slept in!! It was awesome.

Our last morning, we ate breakfast at the resort. This was our view from the table.
It was a lovely weekend. Hope we can do it again next year!!

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