Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Gift

The other day I went to the mail box, the mailbox I have grown to hate.  Since we are in a newer development, the mailbox is down the street with all the mailboxes for the court.  It has a key to open the box which allows me to procrastinate checking the mail because it is usually full with 10,000 pounds of junkmail and 1 or 2 pieces of legitimate mail.  It has come to represent one more thing on my To Do list.  Stuff to sort through and throw away.  I am very close to paying for that service that claims to reduce your junk mail by 90%.  I wonder if it really works?  Anyway, on Tuesday when I went to the mailbox, there was a package, from addressed to me.  I quickly opened it up and found this!

The just released cookbook from The Pioneer Woman.  Wow! I thought to myself...someone really knows me! I scanned the shipping document for a gift message to find out who sent this thoughtful gift to me.  I found a gift message but it was cut off.  It said, "Happy Early Birthday! I thought you needed this.  I hope you like it."  That was it.  No mention of who it was from.  The weird thing was the Billing Address was my name and address.  I may do some dorky things...but I know I have never ordered me a book and included a gift message to myself.  Was it Keith?  Did he actually think about and come up with the idea to send me this cookbook?  Maybe my Mom?  She did just ask me the other day if I knew The Pioneer Woman had a cookbook coming out?  I called her and she shared in my excitement at receiving it...but admitted it was not her that sent it.  Wow!  It must have been Keith. No way...if it was he is going to score major points, I thought to myself.  I called Keith and he said he was sorry that he didn't think of it.  Hmmm...must be my sweet younger sister Kerry.  She enjoys the Pioneer Woman website as much as I do.  I called her and as soon as she acknowledged that she was the gift giver, Sam said, " I knew it!  I knew it, Mommy!  As soon as I saw it in the mailbox...I knew it was from Aunt Kerry! Aunt Kerry does those kind of things."

Thank you, Kerry!  I love it!  Can't wait to try out some recipes and share with you!


Joiner Family said...

Glad you like it my future pioneer sister!

Amy said...

OOOH, I SO want that book!!!! Give us a review! I love her site and the recipes look good!