Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Busy Morning

Yesterday, Elise and I had the house to ourselves and we spent it playing in the front yard.  She keeps herself very busy.  She started with her beloved Radio Flyer.

She follows the sidewalk to the end of the court and around to end up across the street from our house.  Then she yells, "Mommy!  Is there a car coming?"  I tell her it's all clear and then she rides as fast as she can back to our house.

Once she is across, she often exclaims, "I made it!  Whoa...that was a close one!" 

Actually, every time we walk across the street together she beems with glee when we make it to the other side and excitedly says, "We made it Mommy!  We didn't get runned over!"

Here she is noticing the pumpkins on the porch are not exactly how she would like them.

She starts moving the pumpkins all about.  Back and forth.  Next to the door, on the steps, by the plants...

Finally she is pleased with how they are lined up.

I wish I could freeze time.  I love this little pumpkin!


Josh said...
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Josh said...

I've really enjoy your past few blogs. The photos in particular are a great mix of classic and unique styles. I'm no photo critic, but I can tell you take a moment or two to plan out the photos before you click away.

I hope time doesn't freeze for you because even though youth is fleeting, being a mom is everlasting and there are so many adventures you have to take with your children. :-) Plus, I don't think Elise can take all the stress from crossing the street. ;-)