Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nie Nie

One of the blogs I follow and have linked on the side is called the Nie Nie Dialogues.  It is written by a girl named Stephanie whom I have never met.  I found her blog one day from The Pioneer Woman's site and was hooked.  When I started reading it...Stephanie was in the hospital recovering from a plane crash.  She has an amazing story and an amazing will.  Anyway, I mention this only because she will be on Oprah tomorrow (Wednesday).  Oprah always makes me cry and I am sure this episode will do the same. Not that I want to cry...I'm just sayin...be prepared.  If you want to see a heartwarming, inspirational story, watch it.  If you can't watch it, check out her site.  She is a beautiful blogger.  Just thought I'd share.  Have a good night!

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