Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happy Halloween

We had fun last night, Trick-or-Treating.
Our friend Ella, along with her parents, came to join us.

Sam is a very sensitive guy most of the year, but come Halloween, he wants to be the creepiest, scariest thing he can find.  Luckily, the really nasty zombie costumes don't come in his size.  This was the scariest costume we could agree on.  I wish my little 5 year old would be happy dressing up as a fireman or a scarecrow or something innocent like that...but at least this costume doesn't have blood and guts hanging from it, and, you have to pick your battles.  I think I secretly like that he has this side to him so I let it slide.  Hard to believe this is the same kid that is afraid of the Small World ride at Disneyland.

 Here is Ella's Daddy, Doug, along with Keith.  Those teef really make them look hot.

Happy Halloween!


GETyourMOMMYon said...

I like how Keith really gets into character and is willing to spill his beer on his shirt, just for the sake of the costume. ;)

Joiner Family said...

LOL Megan!

Elise is looking so much older to me! And maybe Sam can handle the costumes because he doesn't have to see it. I am not sure I will ever know what Sam is okay with and what he is scared of. Angler fish = good, dogs = bad. Funny boy!

Josh said...

The Scream guy, huh? If he likes to be scary on Halloween, that's okay. I prefer to be Tigger. ;-) Cute kids, as always, M.