Saturday, October 24, 2009


In October of 2007, we found ourselves roasting under the sun at a pumpkin patch. 

We had no idea that 24 hours later that patch would be very close to some crazy wildfires and that we would be loading our car up at 4AM and heading out of town.  We loaded up the Volvo with a few things we thought worth saving.  Then we realized we like Keith's car better than the old Volvo, so at 5AM we unpacked the Volvo and loaded up Keith's car.  The sky was black, the air was full of ash and we wanted to leave on our terms.  As soon as they called for a voluntary evacuation...we were outta there. We loaded the kids in the car and headed north.  We thought we would just drive a few hours and find a place to stay but we saw smoke and flames all the way up Interstate 5.  The sky did not clear until after the Grapevine so we decided to go all the way up to the Bay Area.   In the car we had our wedding album, our computer and one change of clothes.   Amazing how little you really need to pack for a vacation!  We were not dressed very well but we had fun. 

Our house and unfortunately, the Volvo survived and we came home to find everything under a blanket of ash.  We were all back to normal in time for Halloween.  Sam was a ghost and Elise had her first real taste of Halloween dressed as a witch.

Last year, about this time, we were in Santa Barbara for the alumni Water Polo game.

I was finally starting to figure out how to use my camera and took one of my favorite pictures of Keith.  It makes me want to kiss him!  (Sorry...I just still find him as handsome as I did the first time I saw him in the dorms!)

This year has been a little less exciting...

in a good way.

My dad was just here for a nice visit and he and Keith enjoyed watching some football.
And we recently discoverd a park nearby with an amazing view.  It is at the top of a mountain and you can pretty much see all of San Diego County. 

For all of our visitors out there...we have a new place to show you next time you come! 


Amy said...

thanks for sharing those stories! Oct. is an exciting month for you guys! :-)

Joiner Family said...

The pic of dad and Keith is cracks me up!