Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why I like to blog

I recently overheard that a close relative thinks blogging is self-serving and they don't really have any interest in checking in on my little blog here. I tell myself I am ok with that but I have to admit it bothers me a little bit. It bothers me because it is partially true...it is self-serving. I often wonder when I am writing why am I doing this and does anyone really care how cute I think my kids are or how often we go to a park? Then I remind myself what motivated me to start the blog in the first place. Life is short and I want to keep the memories. I have tried keeping a journal and I have tried to make scrapbooks and I have failed. Big time. Sam's first year album goes all the way through the 4th of July. He was born in June. Elise doesn't even have a first year album yet. I started one on Shutterfly and have yet to finish it. But this blog, this blog is different. Knowing that my few followers check up on me from time to time gives me motivation to keep it fresh. I love getting comments on my posts. I love the phone calls or emails from Curly or Aunt Lene when they tell me a story made them laugh...or made them cry...or both. I love that my sisters started blogging too - it makes it feel like we don't live so far apart. I love that if something were to happen to me, then my kids will have something from me, my memories of their childhood in my voice. I love that if nothing happens to me, then I have my memories of my kids and their childhood in my voice. I look forward to printing out my blog in book form and having the books on our coffee table when Keith and I are old empty nesters.

When I first started this blog I was worried about freaks finding it and maybe stalking us or something. I have been very careful to not include our last names or where exactly we live...but I have found and hopefully it remains true...that freaks don't really blog or read blogs. In fact, I find that positive people who celebrate life are the ones who like to blog about it. I am especially happy with one stranger who found my site and sent me the nicest message about how he enjoyed my appreciation of the little things in life. He has Cystic Fibrosis and has to struggle daily just to breathe and eat. (BTW...I thought CF was just a breathing issue...I had no idea how it impacts the digestive system as well.) So while my relative may think my blog is self-serving and not that interesting, someone out there who I think has a special and unique perspective on life thinks my little stories are nice to read. Thanks, Josh!! And thank you to Papa, Curly, Aunt Lene, Jen, Mara, Megan, Kerry, Amy and I think Kara for reading, adding your comments, and keeping me motivated to keep blogging. This is a self-serving gift I am giving my future old lady self. And if you guys weren't reading it...I probably would have stopped after the third or fourth post.

One more thing...since I just mentioned Josh and he is on my mind...if you have 5 minutes check out this website. http://www.cfvoice.com/info/breathe/index.jsp I just watched the video again and was again, brought to tears. This video shows Josh involved in a musical tribute to an English musician who wrote this song about living with CF and who passed away from the disease. HEART WARMING!

Thanks again for reading!  Oh! And for never complaining about my spelling, my punctuation, my grammar and my general lack of writing skillz. :-)



Kara said...

I'm definitely out here reading and look forward to your posts! I love knowing what you are up to and hearing your voice on your blog makes me very happy!

Mara said...

Curly and I read this together and we're SO glad you keep a blog! We look forward to each and every new post. Keep it up!

Love, Curly and Mara

Josh said...

Dear Distant Friend,

Thank you for your kind words. I am very lucky to have stumbled onto your stories. The smiles I get from your world are awesome reminders of the little things. ;-)

Also, thank you for sharing Breathe on your blog. It is one of the most important things I will ever do in my entire life.

As for your writings...

Some of the greatest gifts we can ever give to one another are loving praise and recollection. What you are writing are simple and precious memories of daily life that might otherwise fall to the wayside of your brain in order to make room for some tedious task or event that don't matter in the long run.

These stories are also gifts you can share with your grand-kids when they ask: "Grandma, what were Mom or Dad was like when they were my age?"

Cheers to you for being a great mom and giving a wonderful gift to all who read your blog.


GETyourMOMMYon said...

Amen Sister! I do feel closer to you knowing I can read your blog and picture the moments you share with Sam and Elise. I look forward to your posts and smile knowing that you enjoy ours. Tell Elise that Aunt Megan LOVES frogs and I can't wait to see her frog at Thanksgiving.

Amy said...

I love reading your blog! Your pics are pretty fabulous, too! Keep up the good work! It's like reading someone's journal, and who doesn't like that? Your kids will LOVE this someday! :-)))) I;m glad I found you again!

Jen said...

Even though I don't have as much time to get on the computer these days, I still love catching up on your blog :o)!! You are the best writer... so funny and full of details. LOVE YOU! XOXO