Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome Amigos

Yesterday my friend Diana called and suggested we get together at a Park about 2 miles from my house. I had been there once before for some fall festival but never knew it was open to the public year round. Stephanie and Ella came too. We had so much fun! Peacocks just wander around. Trails lead past old spanish style buildings. Camera heaven! Next time I'll need to remember to bring my other lens...and a back up battery. But check out the pics I got...
This picture is not so good but gives you an idea of the feel of the place. There is a peacock on the roof of this building.

Elise was my little model. She is so patient with me. This is the first of many walls I made her stand in front of so I could take a picture.

The kids loved chasing the peacocks around. I don't know if the peacocks loved it as much.

Here is Stephanie.
Oh, forgot to mention it was c-c-c-cold in Carlsbad yesterday. What does that mean? It means it was about 60 degrees so we all pull out our scarves and big jackets to try to stay warm.
Elise looks like she is going to go skiing.

This is Sam and Elise with Lexi, Dianna's daughter. Dianna is in the bridge picture above - she wouldn't let me take any pictures of her. Silly, because she is really pretty.

Ella did not want to sit and pose. She wanted to play on the stairs.

One year olds are so much happier when they get their way.

Sorry Ella, but you are cute even when picking your nose.

Her face makes my heart melt. I love these next few pictures.
Holy moly, she's cute.
I am talking retarded cute. (One of the younger mom's I know down here said that one day..."she is so cute, Marisa...I mean she is retarded cute.") How do you take that? Is she cute like a retarded person is? Are you even supposed to use that word any more? I have no idea but I think she meant it as a big compliment so Keith and I always laugh at how retarded cute Elise is.

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