Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sunday was mostly a great day. We slept in. We had a slow morning. We had a long breakfast together. We got ourselves ready and headed out to the Wild Animal Park. We had a little picnic lunch near the meerkats. We watched the lions take a nap. We took the tram ride out into "Africa." And finally, on our way out, we stopped by to say hi to the gorillas. I did not take one picture. I carried my camera through the park but just enjoyed the beautiful day without trying to capture the moment.
This was the first picture I took that day.
It is the Arogant Bastard Ale from the Stone Brewery. The place just happened to be on our way home. The Stone Brewery has an amazing landscape. There is a trail through the grounds with bridges and ponds and boulders. The menu is a little too clever for my taste but we enjoyed a drink and a few appetizers. Sam was excited to get a special drink too. A pirate drink.

Keith is sporting a unibomber look in this next picture. But I still think he's cute. Especially when you see what he is holding.
She woke up just in time for the spud buds. Next, we headed down to the beach in Carlsbad and met up with Doug, Steph and Ella for a sunset walk.
It was beautiful, until we noticed the police standing around something that had washed up on the shore. We saw something, too small to be a person, thank goodness, but why would the cops be here for a washed up seal or bird? Getting a little closer we saw the cops put gloves on and drag the object up the beach a little further before the tide could take it back to the sea. Another policeman showed up with more police tape and started blocking off the area. A passerby asked if someone had drowned. "No, we think it is a human torso."
Hard to enjoy the rest of the sunset with that thought. No mention of it on the news though, not even the next day. Keith found a small write up on a local website that said human remains were reported washed up in Carlsbad but upon further review it was just an animal, and they have no information on what kind of animal. Hmmm...sounded like a cover up to me. But I'll feel better thinking it was part of a seal or shark or dolphin. Don't know how you confuse the two.

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Anonymous said...

Marisa - I am inspired to get back to my blog and share and track my memories with Regan and Ayla! Also to get a little value out of my camera. I will have to make a trip down soon to practice taking pics on the beach and to see my adorable niece and nephew!

Your pic just keep getting better!!!! Makes me jealous, I am not picking it up as quickly as you, so you have to share your secrets!