Friday, February 27, 2009

Saying goodbye to baby things

This is our crib 5 years ago in San Jose. Before Sam was born. Before we had any real notion of what it was like to be parents. Before we knew what being tired really meant. When I still had days where I had time to be bored.

This is the crib with the bedding in it we used for Elise.

It is exactly the same bedding that Regan used too. Kerry found it and I loved it. Since we live on opposite ends of the state, I felt no guilt whatsoever about totally copying her. No one would know. Um...until now.

There is even a drawer beneath the crib to keep blankets. Great idea...but the drawer is pretty cheap. Can't count the number of times I have had to put it back together.

I took some of these pictures just before moving the crib to the garage. I was trying to call Keith's bluff. See if he was really ready to sell it or donate it. Are we really done with the baby stage? It makes me a little sad. I change my mind hourly on if I think we are done or not. I keep giving myself deadlines and then pushing them back. Right now my deadline is July. Before that it was November. Before that it was last August. Hmmmm....this is a toughy.

This is one of the only pictures I can find with Elise in her crib. I MUST have more, right? Maybe it was before I bought my Nikon... How could I not have a million photos of her in her crib?

Here is one of Sam in the crib.And here we have both of them. I remember this day...they were being so funny together.

Jen - Since you are, I think, my only blog reader, I posted this for you so that you could see the crib and make sure you still want it. Here is a photo of the changer too. I'll send you the measurements if you like how they look.


Mara said...

That's not true, Marisa. I read your blog too:) I love it! I think I may be just as sad about you getting rid of the crib. Please, oh please have one more. Than you will no longer have this burden to bear:) I loved the pics.

Jen said...

This post made me sad too. Maybe if I take the crib, then it will be your way of realizing that you have to have another one? I gave away everything that we had held onto (for 4-1/2 years after Ethan) 2 months before we made the decision to start trying :o). This post made me realize that I need to take a million pictures this time around!!! I completely love the crib and changer!!! You know you have 5 weeks to change your mind.

On another note... I totally LOVE your blog. You write the sweetest things with just enough funny to make it so fun to read. I love how you remember and write down all the cute things that the kids say and do. Although it makes me miss all of you even more. I love you guys so much!!