Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures for Deana

Yesterday we loaded our bikes, scooters, skateboards and doll strollers in the car and headed to Deana's house for a little playdate in her court with the boyz. Deana and Jack always refer to them as boyz because of their Z names, Zane and Zachary. They are very cute boyz! Anyway, I wanted to take some pictures for Deana and Jack and post them here so they can see them. I know they miss them terribly. I can only imagine. So Deana and Jack, here are some pictures of your boyz. They were not too interested in letting me take their pictures until I told them I wanted to send them to their Mommy. Suddenly, they were very open to a photo shoot. I apologize, they were having too much fun so it was hard for me to get some good shots...but I managed a couple.

Also, if you happen to read more of this'll notice I have been posting updates on you here. I hope you don't mind. This blog is mostly for my family since we don't live close. They know about you and what you are going through and wanted to get updates on your progress. They are praying and fighting for you too!!

Jake was zooming down your court at about 100mph. Not kidding. And Zach is a little dare devil on his big bike too - he was going too fast for me to get a good shot!

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