Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deana Update

Deana is still in ICU. Since the last posting there have been more ups and downs but for the last few days she has been stable. They are still trying to fight the infections and she has been intebated. (Is that spelled right?) What it means is that she can't fully breathe on her own and she is being helped. They have to keep draining the fluid out of her lungs and she is heavily sedated. Her husband says she wakes up for a few moments from time to time but mostly she is out. Hopefully not in too much pain and hopefully dreaming of happy things. Jack is constantly by her side and reads notes to her that people leave on her Caring Bridge site. I am very scared and worried. I get nervous for every update and am relieved when I see that she is still resting and stable.

In the middle of writing this, I just checked for an update on her and here is the latest. This looks like some good news. She is amazing.

Deana has opened her eyes for us a few times today! She has seen us and has shed tears of joy. Deana began an aerosol steroid for her lungs, and while the bacteria cultures from her lungs are not ready for review, doctors are very encouraged by Deana's progress. GO DEANA, GO! Have a wonderful St. Patrick's day. It is we who are lucky, for having such loving friends and family. God bless you all. Jack and Deana

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