Thursday, March 19, 2009

A good day for Deana

What a wonderful, wonderful day. Deana's been more and more alert and the doctors are beginning to see real progress from Deana. The sedation medicine has remained constant, only the pain medicine rate has receded. Deana's parents, girlfriend Debi and I have taken down notes for Deana, writing down some key phrases that she can use: Hot, pain, rinse mouth, get nurse, etc. It's working well. Because Deana can't write yet due to medication, IV lines, etc., I walk thru the alphabet to spell words for her. It's actually kind of fun. She also is shrugging her shoulders, wiggling right and left hands and frowning to add emphasis to her communication. She's just an amazing person.
Nurses and doctors alike have taken to Deana, which comes as no surprise to me. They are very impressed with Deana's rate of recovery.
I helped the nurses change the sheets and wash Deana late tonight. The nurses said I didn't have to help, but I insisted. Deana also got some pain medicine and has since fallen asleep. I spoke with our zboys earlier this evening. They are happy as little clams, and told me they are being 'good boys.' Earlier today I put them on the phone with mommy, as each of them told her he loved her and sang happy birthday to mommy (Deana's birthday is Dec. 26th, so I don't know what that was about!). It's the end of a perfect day.
Good night and God Bless you all.
Jack and Deana

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