Monday, March 30, 2009

First Haircut

Elise had her first haircut on Saturday! She was so excited about it as we drove to the salon.
Then, she got very nervous.

We had Sam get his haircut too - at the same time to show her how a pro handles it.

She had this sad, very serious look on her face the entire time. And not one peep.

We tried to get her to smile with the promise of a lollipop but this was the best she could do.

The tough decision - what color lollipop to pick.

Here is Sam with his hair cut long. Wish he would let me cut more but he insists he does not look like Sam if he has short hair.


mandylifeboats said...

your kids are so precious. u are a wonderful photographer. i followed u from bakerella blog. your cake pops came out great; there is hope for me at my first attempt.

Mama Bear said...

love the braids and love that sam doesn't feel like sam with short hair. how cute is that? glad your friend is doing better! that is amazing!

Jen said...

Sam is right! He doesn't look like Sam without long hair. I love that he said that himself! He is the cutest!!

Jen said...

Elise is still retarded cute!!!!