Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old Town

On Saturday, the Wierenga's invited us to take a train to old town with them for some lunch, a margarita and some wandering around.

Here is Sam on the train headin' South.

Here is Elise, sitting upright in her chair, facing forward. She looks like a serious rider. No messing around on the train for this little chica.

Ella preferred to stand in the aisle.

The train station is just across the street from one of the main entries to Old Town.

We were hungry right when we arrived. Of course, right?! My kids are always ready to eat. That reminds me, when we took our seats on the train, not two minutes later we hear this from Sam. "When are they bringing my drink and my snack?"

We found a restaurant with freshly made tortillas. Yum.

This happy lady is making corn tortillas. There was another happy woman behind her making flour tortillas. I like homemade tortillas but these ladies looked miserable. So miserable that I started wondering what they get paid to stand in the front of this restaurant all day, on display, making tortillas. Then I wondered if they were paying back some sort of debt for coming to this country. Then I wondered if they actually live in the US or do they have to go back and forth to Tiajuana? Too many wonderings...took the fun out of the homemade tortillas. Good thing we were seated pretty quickly.

After lunch, we walked around an area full of street vendors. We found a guy playing guitar.
Ella started dancing.

A crowd gathered to watch Ella and another very energetic toddler dance to the music. One very cheerful tourist started taking pictures of Ella. Very random.

After tiring herself out dancing, Ella modeled some adorable hats for us.
Elise and Ella are now owners of the cute butterfly hat you see Elise wearing in this next picture. BTW, I can't take credit for the adorable outfit Elise is wearing on this day. It is a hand-me-down from Skyler Varin. Skyler's mommy buys real nice clothes. I think I caught Ella eyeing this dress.

Ella LOVES to hold Sam's hand when she walks around. Sam is very patient with her and I think he LOVES it too. Here is Ella leading Sam down some dirt alleyway. Wonder where she thought she was taking him?

We took pictures in a tree.

After the tree picture, Elise and I were approached by some film students working on a little movie about an orange rolling through San Diego. They asked if they could film Elise chasing the orange. It took a couple of minutes and the promise of ice cream to get her to agree to chase the orange. The students said the film will be up on You Tube in about a month. They showed me some of the scenes. Looks cute. I must remember to check for the orange movie in April.
Time to catch the train back up to North County to get some ice cream!

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