Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morning Run

This is our friend Becca. Isn't she pretty? She and her husband Sean were here recently for a visit and for a coastal half marathon.
The logistics of the run were sounding difficult so we volunteered to get up early and drop them off at the start of the race and continue on to meet them at the end of the race. When I say early, I mean 5 AM! I thought it would be a little adventure for us to all get up and walk around the coast at dawn. Something we never see. When I say we, I mean Me. Keith wakes up early all the time. Me...not so much. I am not much of a morning person but I wanted to try.

See how pretty the flowers look early in the morning?

And look, there are still water droplets on the leaves...

And there is the sun, creating a religious experience behind the church. In the early morning you can take pictures of the ocean without the sun glaring back at you.

And you can catch the seals napping peacefully in the cove.

Awww...who am I kidding? Is it really worth it? Getting up early I mean. These seals stink. I mean, really stink. Did I mention they are the subject of a big controversy around here? And the flowers, I can take pictures of flowers anytime. Same with the always looks good. Who cares if there is water on leaves... Am I really missing that much if I sleep in? I really LOVE the idea of being a morning person...but I also really love my bed. My best hours of sleep are usually between 5 and 8, if my kids will let me sleep that late. I don't want to give that up. But my days are numbered. When Sam starts Kindergarten...we have to be up and out of the house by 7:40AM. I need to train myself to be a morning person soon, real soon.

Elise isn't really a morning person either but at least she still manages to look cute. The boys in our house are early risers and the girls...we are night owls.

But we somehow managed to get up this beautiful morning to watch our friends run. Next year I plan to sign up for the 5k with Becca. I like to torture myself.

Sean ran the half marathon. I wish I enjoyed running. Sean truly enjoys a good run. I admire that. It is a very foreign concept for me.

Elise truly enjoys food and drink so she was very excited when Sean handed her TWO drinks from the booths at the end of the run.


Crystall said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I am not one that likes running either. I wish I did, my husband also enjoys it, but it's not my thing.

Mama Bear said...


where are the seals? meredith would be in heaven if you saw some hanging out at our beach! :)