Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does this count as homemade?

This picture does not do this pie justice. This was the birthday cake the kids and I made for Keith who just celebrated his ##th birthday. I want to thank my Mom for introducing this cake to our family back in the 80's. The Baskin-Robbins Fudge Nut. I want to thank my sister, Megan for figuring out what this was called because most Baskin-Robbins have no idea that this is an option on their menu unless you order it by name and even then the odds aren't good. A few years ago I bought the real thing for Keith's birthday. It was $46 bucks! (Shh...don't tell Keith that.) This year I figured I could make it myself. I made it for only 8 bucks and I was much more generous with the cookie crust and the fudge on top. I wasn't sure if I could really count this as homemade since I basically obliterated a package of oreos and then dumped some softened ice cream on top followed by fudge, cream and nuts. This pie was the birthday cake of choice for most of us in our family. I always enjoyed it on my dad's birthday - I think the tradition started with him because he is not a fan of cake. Then my siblings started to request it for their birthdays. But for me...I always insisted on a traditional birthday bakery cake. Not a fancy bakery...I preferred the grocery store variety with the butter cream frosting. The frosting that most adults find too sweet. Mm mm...I have a weakness for butter cream. Especially white on a chocolate cake. I am not very sophisticated. But after making this beauty - I may have finally outgrown the bakery cakes.

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Crystall said...

That looks great! Too bad we can't taste the picture. I am sure my children and I would love it.