Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Red Eared Slider

We have a new pet. I think. Whitney, our favorite babysitter, found a turtle while walking with the kids to the park. The turtle was just sitting on the sidewalk. Strange, because this turtle is almost fully aquatic and there is not a natural body of water nearby. I have a feeling he may be an escape artist from a neighbor's pond. I will be watching for Lost Turtle signs. In the meantime, he is living in our little waterfall. He looks really happy. I just don't know if we have the right setting for him long term. I know nothing about turtles. Except that they can spread Salmonella. We are washing our hands. The kids won't touch him. Anyone out there that can shed some light on how to take care of him?
He went to town on a piece of chicken tonight. At first we offered him lettuce and carrots. Little did we know he is a carnivore. He was much happier with the chicken.

He is called a red eared slider. See the red stripes on his head? That is how I identified him in 4 steps or less. I am finding myself back on those herps sites and doing a lot of research to figure out what to do with this little reptile. For now, the kids are so excited to have a pet. They never thought the day would come. Sam told Keith not to worry because, "we will just keep him outside and he won't have to come in the house and make it dirty." Sam named him Cryptoclydus. I really hope we don't kill him with our ignorance of turtles. Wish us, or him, luck. (Yes, I think I have confirmed that it is a male. He has long claws on his front feet. Apparently long claws on front feet=male?)

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