Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Taco Dangerfish

I made a deal with Sam. We would give Cryptoclydus a new home and he could pick out a Beta Fish as a new pet. He was thrilled. I think the novelty of the turtle had already worn off.
Elise and Sam came up with the name Taco Dangerfish.

We had this fish less than 24 hours before our first incident. Sam was staring at the fish in his bowl on Saturday morning. He sneezed. His sneeze caused him to headbutt the fish bowl. The fish bowl shattered. Glass and water poured out onto the counters and the floor. Luckily the bottom of the bowl remained intact and with enough water to keep Taco safe. Thankfully, Sam knew to stay perfectly still although he did scream his head off at the shock and fear of what just happened. But he did not get cut. Just what we needed at 8:00AM on a Saturday morning while trying to get everyone fed and ready to go to a 9:00AM soccer game. Keith was already gone...heading to a volunteer day to paint a halfway house. I also had to prep for a full day out and about. All I could do was take a few deep breaths and remind myself not to get stressed out about getting to a 4 year old soccer game on time. Just soothe Sam, clean it up and get on with the day. Some mornings just don't go as planned. I just felt relief that Sam did not get hurt and we did not kill the fish.

This square bowl has much thicker glass. I don't think Sam can break it with his head and here's hoping we never find out.

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Josh said...

I don't know you, but I wanted to leave a comment. They always make my day...

These are great little stories about your children and family. I am a great fan of the "little things" in life and this fits the bill. It's a micro-macro vision that you are sharing and I love it. Keep it up!