Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My almost 5 year old

Today while driving Sam to preschool I was preoccupied. The car was quiet and warm. Elise was sleeping in her car seat. I had thoughts of family on my mind and was in a zone. Then I hear a giggle from the back seat. Followed by another little snicker. "Are you laughing back there?" I asked. Sam giggled again and said yes. "What's so funny?"
"Mommy, I can see that we are in a ball. The world is a ball. I can see the sky over there and above us and then over there. I can see the ball! We are in the ball." More happy laughter. He always giggles when he learns something or finally 'gets' something.

"I think we are on the ball, Sam." I tried to correct him.

"No, Mommy. We are in the ball. Because the sky is around us and the clouds are too and the light and then there is space. So we are in the ball."

My almost 5 year old is telling me he can see the earth is round and is grasping the concept of our atmosphere. I know I was not thinking like this at almost 5. He blew me away.


Jen said...

That is the cutest!!

Joiner Family said...

Didn't someone tell you Sam's next love was going to be space. he said no but I think whoever told you that must be an all knowing mom, because it looks like he is on his way to loving space and I am sure he will be interested in the idea of aliens, especially if they are ugly!