Monday, May 3, 2010


Elise does not want anyone to know she can play soccer.
After watching Sam play soccer and after tasting the delicious snacks that appear after the soccer game, Elise decided she wanted to play too.  I thought she was too young but finally broke down and signed her up.
If we get to the game early, she will pass and kick and dribble and practice making goals with Daddy.
But when the team or coach shows up, game's over.
"Nice Kick, Elise!" yelled the coach as he arrived to witness what he had never seen before.
Elise turned, glared and stuck her thumb in her mouth.
She gets very quiet and serious.
I told her she had to at least stand in front of the goal during the game
if she wanted that delicious snack at the end.
She looks so happy.
After the second game, Keith and I decided to ban me from the games.
When Mommies are around it is easier to mope and look for a rescuer.
For the last month, Soccer has been a Daddy and Elise activity.
One that they both look forward to.  At least until the team arrives.
On Saturday, Elise told me that she smiled once at the game and that she even ran a little and that now it would be okay for me to come back to watch the games.
She also sounded proud that the coaches daughter is even more shy than she is.
I am looking forward to Saturday morning.


Joiner Family said...

I just might pee my pants from laughing! I don't know what I love more the clothes that look like they could fit Keith or the picture of the Elise looking so thrilled standing in front of the goal! Too Cute! Glad you have been invited back to the Saturday circle of trust! :)

GETyourMOMMYon said...

Elise, we are looking forward to playing soccer with you this summer. We'll bring the treats! Love, Aidan and Ashton

Amy said...

Hahaha! too cute! My Cooper was the same way last summer...we ended up being soccer dropouts...but trying again this fall!