Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My mom came down for a visit this past week.

We celebrated her birthday with a relaxing lunch and walk in Coronado.
We shopped, lunched, watched Twilight, and we went and saw that Babies movie.

We also strolled a little down memory lane.
On this visit my mom brought along some of my old papers and report cards.
It was fun to look at my work and pictures from when I was close to Sam's age.
I can actually remember creating some of these works of art.

This was a paper I wrote about Movies.

Ummm...  Anyone remember the movie Private Benjamin?  Do you remember the scene of the second wedding you remember what they were doing when he died?! favorite part of the second movie I mention is the gorilla sticking his middle finger up.
The year was 1981.
I was seven.
That is just good parenting.
Growing up in the 80's was sweet.

It reminds me of a story of one Sunday morning when I was, oh, about seven. 
We were all rushing to get ready for church.  I couldn't find one of my lovely, worn, white buckle sandals.
My mom warned me if I wasn't down stairs in two minutes she was leaving without me. (I am assuming my dad was home because I don't think she would have left me alone and my dad usually skipped the Sunday Church routine.)  Anyway, I dug through the clothes, stuffed animals and blankets that covered my closet floor and finally found my sandal.
I grabbed it and booked down the stairs and out the front door.
The shimmery brown station wagon was just pulling away.
I ran to the middle of the street and watched her leave me.
Dressed in my Sunday best with one shoe on and one in my hand, I quickly raised my arm in the air and held my middle finger up high.  I made sure to motion my hand back and forth to really accentuate my anger. Being seven, I wasn't highly aware of the rear-view mirror and the ability for the driver to see things behind them.
About an hour or so later, Mom was home and I was busted.
But at least now we know where I learned such a thing.
And little girls who watch R rated movies and flip their parents off on Sunday mornings
can still grow up to be respectful members of society. :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm crying and I couldn't even read this post in one sitting from laughing so hard at the first movie review. Don't forget you also wore a Corona shirt for class pictures, likely the same year. I love that you have proof of poor judgement in writing. Now, don't go the extreme opposite with Sam and Elise. I also remember a limited m&m story from our past.
Thanks for the laugh!

Mara said...

Marisa, that was hilarious! I have my own story about flipping Mom off, but it didn't involve a involved Darren in trouble and using me to get back at Mom:) Aaaah, the 80's:)

Kara said...

Love the movie reviews. Thanks for sharing and making me LOL at work.

Josh said...

I meant to write this comment earlier, but...well, I have no excuse. Just being a dumb ass. :-) You live with two guys. You understand. we do that sometimes.

This made me smile, particularly the part where you gave your mom the bird. Clearly she was in the wrong. How dare she give you a time limit! What were you, a seven year old? Oh were. My bad. Totally your fault. Sinner. :-)

Later M.