Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A good lesson

After watching Elise play, or not play in the first two games of soccer,
I was tempted to quit the season for her. 
I wanted it to be fun experience.  Not a source of stress.
She is only 3. 
Thankfully, Keith had the idea of keeping me at home during the next few games.
He would go with her and quietly support her without forcing her into anything.
(Just so you know...I was not forcing her into anything...I was just a sympathetic mommy who wanted to hold her hand on the field during the game...is that so wrong?)
Keith would make her stay on the field but that was pretty much the extent of the forcing.
Each week she would involve herself just a tiny bit more.
And as I mentioned in my last post, I was finally invited back to the games.

She is like a different little girl out there!
She smiles, she runs, she kicks and she lets the coach talk to her.
Watching her play with her team is beyond cute and I love that she is enjoying herself.
I love the bond it has created with her and Keith.
She looks for him as she runs down the field and she smiles when she sees him cheer her on.
It has been a big confidence booster for her and a good lesson for us.
We could have quit
but she would not have learned
what she is capable of.

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