Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watching for Whales

My dad and Rachelle came to visit for a few days over spring break.
My dad likes adventures.
This visit we headed up to Oceanside for some whale watching.

I have so much free time I turned this picture into a drawing in Photoshop. 
Yes...a good use of my time for sure. 

Elise was a little nervous as we ventured out to the open seas. 
So she stayed close to Papa Han. 
Elise loves Papa Han. 
We don't get to see him to often but Elise has a soft spot in her heart for my dad.
She is a different little girl around him.
It is cute to see.
We saw lots of water.  We watched other boats.
We saw birds.
But no whales.
Who knew the highlight would be when we got off the boat.  Pelicans galore catching fish coming out of the back part of a fishing boat.  I guess they were cleaning their somethin-somethin and out of the backs of their boats came streams of water and some unlucky fish.

And then we saw this guy. 
This sea lion popped out every minute or so. 
Sea life trivia...sea lions have ears that you can see...seals don't.

We never could tell where he might pop up. 
It was always an exciting moment when he popped his cute little head out of the water.

Wonder what our next adventure with Papa Han will be.  Sam thought this one was "great!"

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Josh said...

Being the nature show watching dork that I am, I knew that about sea lions. He must be used to the boat to come so close. Either that or he was looking for scraps. What kind of whales were you looking for? Humpbacks, Minke, Orca?

Glad E likes her Papa. So sweet and cute. :-)