Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is Papa's birthday tomorrow.
I thought I would share a few thoughts about what I love about Papa.

I love that he married Curly and made Keith.
I love that when he hears a good singer on American Idol he will often use the word "Phenomenal" to describe the person's voice.
I love that when he speaks of any one of his children, he speaks with total pride and with genuine admiration. 
I love that when he is winning a card game he laughs so hard that he goes into vapor lock.
I love that he showers me with compliments.
I love that he enjoys singing Karaoke with me.
I love his beef stroganoff.
I think is is funny that when he is done with a conversation on the phone he just hangs up without saying goodbye.
I love that although he has been faced with struggles in his life, he keeps his head high and his words positive.
I like that he openly talks with us about his Parkinson's diagnosis.
I admire that he has never tasted a drop of alcohol.
I love his stories about his days in the secret service.
I like his twisted kid songs.
I share in his love for sweets.
I am excited that he and Curly just purchased a home about 3 miles from us so we will be enjoying their company more often.

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Thanks for spending the holidays with us and for buying a house right down the road.  Can't wait til closing!


Mara said...

Marisa, I laughed so hard I cried. I loved it, I loved it!!! What a wonderful tribute.

GETyourMOMMYon said...

Beautifully written. I enjoyed it so much! Now, will Papa and Curly please call my in-laws and tell them they should buy a house within 3 miles of us. Keith, Marisa, Sam and are all so lucky!

hellasweety said...

Marisa, this was too funny and so wonderfully true! You definitely captured the "Papa" we all love so much...Happy Birthday Papa!!

Stephanie said...

So Sweet! Brings tears to my eyes. What a beautiful tribute for a wonderful man.