Monday, December 28, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

During the holidays our schedule gets a little off...and Elise is entering a phase when some days she needs a nap and some days she just refuses.  She has decided the upstairs hallway is as good a place as any to get in a good nap.  One minute we may hear her playing,  the next moment we realize the upstairs has grown quiet. 

And we may find her on the floor in her sleeping bag surrounded by her dolls.

On days when I have errands to run, she informs Keith she will wait for me by the front door. 

This is how I might find her when I return.

Then there are the days we find her by the tree.  Is this kid neglected or what?!

Yesterday, she took her nap in the car.

She fights me every step of the way on days that I try to give her a proper nap either in her bed or on the sofa.  The days I simply give up and decide she will just have an early bedtime, she finds comfort and rest on a hardwood floor. 
Three year olds always keep me guessing!

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Joiner Family said...

okay she has a whole new look! I hardly know that little girl in the last picture! it hasn't been that long has it?