Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so lucky. 
I get to go out of town for a few days with a couple of girlfriends. 


And Yamile

Hopefully my sister will come along too.

If not, I will at least see her Thursday night. 
Along with my Gramma Moon.

And my Mom.

My Brother

My Nieces
(Ayla is pictured above with Kerry)

And my brother in law.
(Here is he with Kerry at their wedding 5 years ago.)

I am really excited for this getaway weekend. 
But like most Moms, I suffer terribly from Mommy guilt.  I dream, fantasize, and hope for weekends like this.  Then when the opportunity presents itself, I stress, worry and panic about leaving my family. 
I fill my head with irrational thoughts. 
I am not a fan of flying. 
I worry about Keith becoming a single parent.  He's a great dad but he is not mom and kids need their mom's.  I think of how awful it would be for something to happen to me during a selfish weekend away.  Then I start worrying about Keith and the kids...what if something happened to them while I was on my selfish weekend away? 
Odds are nothing will happen, right?  I will go away, hike through the amazing Sierra's with some beautiful girlfriends.  Enjoy dinners out without cooking or doing dishes.  Celebrate not going grocery shopping or doing laundry.  And have a lovely dinner with my family up North.

I am jealous of my friends who seem to be able to go away for weekends like this and appear to not have a  worry or doubt about it.  My best weekend away was when I drove a mile down the road and stayed at a lovely resort with my girlfriend Danielle.  I was so close...but so far.  It was perfect.

I know I am being overly dramatic here about a 1 hour flight.  But that's just how I roll.

I hope to be back on Sunday, refreshed and posting pictures from my fabulous getaway weekend in Tahoe.

But I will miss these three with all my heart.


Amy said...

And they will miss you, too! But enjoy yourself and come home, recharged and refreshed. WE need these times! GLAD you are taking care of you, too! :-)

GETyourMOMMYon said...

Great post! Write again soon so we all know you are home safely!