Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Not Working

Wow.  I feel busier now that I am not "working."  I guess with work I had time to be on the computer.  Now...not so much.   I need a laptop.  I could post while sitting outside watching the kids play.  Hmmm...or maybe I wouldn't be watching the kids.  Maybe this desktop is best.  Anyway, we went to the tide pools last weekend. 

But there were not any tide pools to be found.  The low tide was not so low this day.

But there were surfers.  Lots of them.  And big waves.
This surfer knew what he was doing. Someone was filming him.
 Let's pretend this is a famous surfer...just for fun. 

So we watched the surfers and enjoyed the waves.

(Elise styled her own hair)

We tried to catch the sunset but we only saw it for a moment. 
It snuck out from the fog and immediately hid below the horizon. (Or would it be beneath the horizon?)  Oh, man...where did my braincells go? And why did blogger get rid of spellcheck?!

Then we headed home.  I hope we always get to call San Diego home.

When we got home we saw this.  I think that is snot hanging from his nose. 
Nothing cuter than a possum with H1N1.

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