Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maybe not so dreadful

On Friday, I thought lice were dreadful.  Now I feel silly about it since hearing about the shooting at my friend's elementary school in Carlsbad.  I can't imagine the fear those kids and parents had during those frightening moments.  To think that two little girls now have gunshot wounds because of some random act of violence.  I know how sensitive my six year old is and I can't imagine having to discuss with him about the bad man who came to school.  My friend's 5 year old son had to hide in a bathroom for over an hour with other students and teachers.  The teachers were brave and distracted the kids by playing games and telling them it was a long drill when I am sure they, themselves were scared out of their minds.  I think my Friday lice report was not so dreadful.  Perspective.

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