Saturday, October 16, 2010


Nolan, Elise + Ella

This is not the greatest picture on many levels but I have to use it because it is the only one I have with my potential future son-in-law and I need to share this story before I forget.  Elise has made several new friends this year at preschool.  Her little bff is the girl in this picture, Ella.  The boy she tells me she will marry, is Nolan.  I am not sure how the conversation started but during a drive in the swagger wagon, I heard Sam and Elise talking about the future spouses.  Elise told Sam she was going to marry Nolan.  This was the first I heard her talk about him like that.  I wasn't even aware that she gave Nolan any attention at all. Elise told me of a conversation she had with Nolan at school...

Elise:  Nolan, I am going to marry you.
Nolan: I know.

I gave Nolan's Mom the heads up and she did not seem surprised.  Turns out, he has had several proposals already since many of his neighbors are four year old girls.  Looks like Elise may have some competition.

After hearing me tell the story a few times, I think Elise grew tired and announced to me that she was no longer going to marry Nolan.  I supported her and encouraged her to wait until she was thirty before deciding her marital fate.

Leaving preschool several days later, we crossed paths with Nolan on the way to our car.  Elise smiled and shouted, "Bye, Nolan!"  He smiled back and said goodbye.  They did this several times.  I finally got Elise in the car and she seriously had a dreamy smile and look upon her face.  I said, "You are going to marry Nolan, aren't you?"

"Yes I am.  Mommy?  Do you think he will bring me red roses?"

I'd like to say that she got the red roses thing because she sees daddy do that for me all the time...but no.  I suspect that Sam has been planting ideas in her head.  Either way...I think it is adorable but I'd like for her to slow down a bit.

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Mara said...

Oh my soul, that is adorable! Cole is "in love" with an Ella right now from his class. Kids are too funny. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Hope you're having fun!