Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

While we were away in Palm Desert, I received a very nice comment on my blog from a Mom named Crystall who lives in Las Vegas. You can see her blog here. She honored me by giving me a Kreativ Blogger Award! Wasn't that sweet?! Thank you! I am still fairly new to this blogging world so I wasn't even sure what it meant. Then the skeptic in me thought the person who started this award system must be getting something out of there Spyware in the award if I post it? What is this all about? After a little research it looks like it was started in some European country and there seems to be nothing cynical about it. You just award it to 5 blogs you enjoy reading and it continues to be passed on. So I am to list 5 blogs I like and send them a note letting them know I have given them an award. Then they can copy the logo from my site and post it on theirs. And then they pass it on. That's it. Just a way to spread some love.

And the winners are...

The Holmes Gang - Kayla is my cousin by marriage and a beautiful Mom and photographer.

The Joiner Family - Kerry is my sister and in the early phases of her photography career. She has two adorable girls and I love to keep up with them through her blog. (Now that you have this award, Kerry, the pressure is on to keep your blog up to date. ;0))

Welcome to Joshland - Josh found my blog one day by chance and left me a very nice comment. I checked out his blog and was hooked. He writes about his experiences and sometimes you laugh and sometimes you may cry. But he is honest and open and very inspirational. I thought one of his funniest posts was this one about double coupon day.

FavFamilyRecipes - This is the site where I found two very important things. The recipe for the Cafe Rio Pork salad. And a link to The Pioneer Woman's website. They always have lots of different recipes to try and I have added a few to our regular rotation.

The Pioneer Woman - She probably has 8 million of these awards given to her and probably doesn't even know it because she gets way too many comments and emails to go through. But I have to try to honor her because I love her writing, her pictures and her recipes. She inspires me to cook more, write more and photograph more and I am thankful because now I will have my blog to look at for years when I am old and can't remember what I was doing when I was 35.

Oh, one more thing. The winners are supposed to list 5 things they love too. So here are mine...

1) My family

2) My camera

3) Watching Medium by myself at night when the family is sleeping

4) My iphone

5) tacos


Joiner Family said...

Thank you for the love, it took me a couple of days but I finally thought of five deserving blogs! :)

Can't wait to see you and your gang in a couple of weeks!

Josh said...

Wow! Thanks for the award, M. Can I call you M? I will pay it forward,I promise.

By the way, I'm humbled and honored that I inspire you. It's a cool feeling. :-)

Erica said...

Thanks for the award!!!!! And thanks for checking out our recipe blog!
You rock!!!

-Erica (