Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's all about Mexican food

Let's see, out of the 21 or so meals we had while Aunt Lene and Uncle Jack were here, I'd say about 85% were Mexican. Keith and I are on a big taco kick these days. Ever since we were invited to dinner and our friends made us some delicious steak tacos. Right when Aunt Lene and Jack arrived, we headed straight to Old Town for lunch. It wasn't until we were eating the steak tacos mentioned below that I found out Uncle Jack is not even really a fan of Mexican food. Poor guy, he never said a word, just smiled as we would head to each Mexican meal.

At some point we had fish tacos at Rubios and more Mexican food in downtown Palm Springs. And when Aunt Lene and I went to pick up Sam's birthday cake, we were hungry so we of course had to stop for a quick taco. As if we had not consumed enough Latin flavor, we decided to stop at a local beach market on their last day to pick up the fixins for the delicious steak tacos our friends introduced us to. We were told to get the marinated Tri-Tip from Seaside Market. When I was at the meat counter I saw there were two types of Tri-Tip. Uh oh, my girlfriend just told me to buy it from here...but didn't tell me what kind. I assumed it was the kind that the three people in front of me selected. I asked the butcher what he thought and he said, "Yes, this Burgundy Pepper is what you want. It's the crack." It was all marinated and ready to go. We had to just follow the easy BBQ instructions they include when they wrap it up. The meat, some tortillas (corn and flour), fresh produce, margaritas and we are good to go. And you can't forget these chips. If you live in Southern California you can find these at your high end, natural food stores. I don't know if they are available nationally. Hopefully they will be someday because everyone should get to eat these crunchy, perfectly salted delights.
We grilled and chopped up the meat.
Oh, and this is a new trick I recently found out about. We heated the tortillas right on the gas range. Quick and easy with nothing to clean up. You just have to have the heat on low and flip a lot or else they will burn, like these did when I was taking this picture.
Scoop up some chopped meat and whatever toppings you like and oh, man, you have one delicious taco! I insist on lots of cilantro on mine. I understand there are whole societies of people out there who despise cilantro. I just don't get it. I think it is my favorite little herb. Good on almost anything. Muy Bueno!! These tacos were so good. So good in fact, Jack said it was the best he ever tasted. We may have actually converted him.

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