Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Am I Really 5?

I heard Sam start to wake up early the morning of June 5, 2009. I saw him notice the big, "Happy Birthday" balloon we had placed at the end of his bed. "Mommy! Is it my birthday?! Am I 5? Am I 5 right now?! For real?"

Before this birthday trip to the desert we had explored many options for celebrating his 5th birthday. The first idea he came up with was having a dinosaur party. We picked out invitations and talked about getting a jumpy house, a dinosaur cake and we even came up with the guest list. I encouraged him to have a party this year since last year all he wanted was to go to Chinese food with his friend Ben. A few days pass and he tells me, "Mommy, I don't want a big party, I just want Ben and Andrew to come over for cake." I talk him into having Ben, Andrew, their siblings, Ella, and maybe Papa and Curly? That sounded good to him...for a few days. Then he came up to me and said, "Mommy, if Ben and Andrew come then it will turn into a wild party and I just want a quiet birthday with you, Daddy, and Elise." I was surprised at this request but I wasn't going to force him to have a party to relieve my Mommy guilt at the ease of his birthday wish. I mean, really, how many years am I going to get away with this? I have to take advantage of this while I can! A few days later we were offered a deal at a friends timeshare for his birthday weekend. I asked him if he would like to spend his birthday at a hotel and he was elated. We invited Papa and Curly and Aunt 'Lene and Jack to come along too. Since Papa and Curly were just here it was tough for them to get away again, but Aunt 'Lene and Uncle Jack flew down to help celebrate. Sam asked if it would be better than Disneyland.

At the end of his birthday, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was.

Was it waking up to a table full of presents?

Was it opening all the presents at the crack of dawn?
Was it seeing daddy accidentally spray silly string up Uncle Jack's nose?
Was it going to the pool?

Swimming with Daddy?
Watching and laughing at Daddy and Elise try to nap in the cold pool?

Was it going on the boat ride at the fancy hotel?

Was it ordering big kid drinks at the bar?

Was it that Aunt 'Lene and Uncle Jack were with us?
Maybe it was the cake at the end of the day, after going out to Chinese food?

At the end of the day he responded "Mommy, it was everything. It was even better than Disneyland and Legoland...because I was with you and Daddy."

He made my heart melt. We love you, Sam! We are so happy you had a wonderful birthday.

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Joiner Family said...

I am in tears, that is so cute! The Joiners love Sam too!