Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In early February, I packed our bags and the kids in the minivan and drove them 10 hours up north to meet my new niece, their new cousin, Ayla Reese Joiner. Ayla is pronounced Ayla, not eyela and she is beautiful. We all just wanted to stare at her. She is alert. I know a lot of people say that about newborns but this girl really was. She was looking at me. At 6 days old, she was really looking at me. Really looking in my eyes. Not a glazed and dazed baby stare into the air...but a serious, we are connecting kind of look. At least I like to think we connected.

Look at her eyes, she is looking right into my camera at barely a week old.

And she has perfect little feet.

And perfect little hands.

And doesn't it look like she is really enjoying this sweet kiss on her belly from her mommy? Barely a week old I tell you. She just knows what's going on.

And here is Regan. Already loving her little sister. She will probably never remember life without her.

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