Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sam is playing t-ball! Here are a few shots from the games. During the first game, his best friend was not able to make it because his Mommy was in the hospital with a new baby. Sam did not really know anyone and seemed a little shy. Not fully committed to the game. At the bottom of the 2nd inning, I asked him if he liked it. "Yes. I really like it." Then with more enthusiasm, "I like it more than school!"

Ben is in this picture with Sam. Ben is Sam's best buddy. (Other than Daddy.) Sam plays better when Ben is there. I think he gets more competitive.

I don't even know this kids name. I just know every time I pulled out my camera - he was there, front and center.
Elise loves the games too. She wants to play when she is 3. Right now, she enjoys eating snacks and sitting with Daddy.

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