Thursday, October 9, 2008

Need to catch up

I am not updating this blog as often as I was hoping too. Maybe when I am a full time stay at home Mom next week I can spend more time keeping this up to date. I am not even sure how many people look at this but it is a good way for me to journal what the kids are doing. So let me load up some pictures and get caught up.

My Mom came for a visit. She was in Orange County for work. Elise, Sam and I hung out in Downtown Disney while we waited to pick her up. We went to Build-a-bear. I wanted to do one more fun thing before I am not making any money.
Elise decided on a Panda Bear and Sam chose a blue bear. He is not in any of these pictures. He gets tired of me taking his picture.
They were both very happy with their bears. But I regretted doing it. I think they have become spoiled after so many fun events with our visitors.
She looked like a little business woman. People were laughing and smiling as she passed. She was getting a lot of attention.

With my Mom, we just relaxed, went to a T-ball game and cooked. We made a delicious Cafe Rio Salad. Shoot! Cafe Rio Salad. I just remembered Keith's cousin left me a message asking for the recipe. I added a new section to this site where I am going to post some of my recipes...but for now I just have links to sites with good recipes. The fav family recipes site is the one with the salad recipe. Kayla - if you read this. Look there. I will remember to call you tomorrow!
These are my Mom's hands, tearing the lettuce. I took an actual picture of her. But it was low light and I refuse to use flash, and well, I am still learning.

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