Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keeping "Joe the Plumber" busy.

So a couple of months ago I found this...
I thought I got them all out and started locking the door to the bathroom to keep Elise from playing with toys in the toilet. Although she thought it was quite fun!

A few weeks ago, the toilet started flushing slow and seemed a little off. The problem did not magically go away on its own so today I broke down and called the plumbers.

After removing the toilet, shoving things through it, shaking it, wiggling it, almost hurling it into the street, and turning it upside down, a little orange stacking cup finally came out.

Money well spent!


Mara said...

Marisa, that's hilarious! I remember you plunging the toilet while we were there. Too funny:)

Mama Bear said...

Yikes! Fun times! I'm grateful Meredith never did anything like this...we'll see if Nora is a bit more mischievous!