Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Elise!

On Sunday we had a little birthday party for Elise. Somehow it ended up with mostly boys at the gathering and the Dora bouncy house we rented turned into a setting for WWF for 4 year olds. We saw an aggressive side to Sam we have never seen before. The boys had a blast tackling each other and we were lucky it all stayed fun and no one got hurt. They were wild! Elise loved the bouncy house when she had it to herself. I think she thought the bouncy house was a birthday present because she has been asking to go back in every day. I keep telling her it went Bye Bye but she is still looking for it.

This next picture of Ella was so funny. She was so mad that she had to watch all the kids eat cake and she could not join in. She was flappin her arms and trying to get to the cake table. So cute.

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