Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting Started

welcome to our blog! i will continue to post the bulk of our photos on flickr or shutterfly (i am still deciding what i like better, we'll see after this week's upgrade to shutterfly), but i am starting a blog to keep track of our day to day activities in case any grammas, grampas, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends want to check in on us. i like looking at my friend's blogs so i thought i would give it a try too. hopefully i will keep up and this will be worth checking in on from time to time. oh, a little sidenote, elise starting calling me mommia a month ago and sam has followed suit, so for the time being that is my new name and i like it - that is why I chose it for my screen name here.

1 comment:

Mim said...

Okay, I'll try again

Like your blog. Technology is getting away from me. Maybe I'll have to learn how to start one.

Anyway, next time I come to visit please check for "bigger spiders" before I get there.

Love, Mom/Mim