Saturday, September 18, 2010

Indian Guides

Sam and Keith are gone this weekend. They are on their first Indian Guides camping trip!  The girls are home alone for two nights.  We miss our boys but Elise was excited to learn that she would get to sleep in my bed all weekend.

Sam went camping when he was about 10 months old.  Obviously he doesn't remember that so this is really his first official camping trip.  I have to preface this next little story by letting you know that Sam likes to watch Survivorman and Man vs. Wild and Dual Survivor on the Discovery Channel.

Keith and Sam are accompanied by our friends Max and Eric.  Eric and Keith work together and Sam and Max go to school together.  On Thursday, Eric and Keith were sharing stories about their sons nervous inquiries about the camping trip.  Max was concerned about sleeping away from his mom for two nights in a row.  Sam also voiced some concerns to Keith.  He asked if they might see a specific type of brown spider.  He asked if they might see a rattle snake.  He wondered if there would be rabbits, bats, bugs, and other critters.  Keith was answering thoughtfully as he thought these questions were fear based and did not want to create any extra anxiety for our boy.  Then Sam asked if they would be using/making bows and arrows and if they would build a fire.  When Keith told him no on the weapons making...Sam asked, "But how are we going to hunt and cook the snakes and rabbits?"  Sam was counting on some serious survival skills needed for this camping trip.  I hope he is not disappointed when he learns that they will be watching movies, devouring ice-cream sundaes and chowing down on grilled tri-tip rather than preparing their taste buds for bbq'd rattle snake and slimy grubs.

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GETyourMOMMYon said...

Good laughs! I look forward to hearing Sam's perspective. I've got to admit, ice cream and movies sounds a little contradictory for an Indian Guide adventure. How sweet for you and Elise to enjoy princess and the pea time!