Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Since my last post we have been very busy, a little sick, and for some reason not very motivated to blog.  We have really been enjoying our time with Papa and Curly who are slowly getting settled in their new home.  Thankfully, San Diego has been showing off with good weather which I think is making the transition easier.

We started the month by celebrating Curly's birthday.
My sister, Kerry, made the adorable cake topper.  She made one for Ayla for her first birthday...I thought one for a 67th birthday would be cute too.  I casually mentioned it to Kerry and a few hours later she sent me a picture of the Curly doll she made.  I love it!
With a red velvet cake mix, I made and we ate lots of cakepops for the Valentine's parties at the kid's schools. 

The kids are enjoying getting to know the neighborhood around Papa and Curly's new house.  While supervising the monkeys on their scooters, I keep myself entertained taking pictures of what they leave on the street. 

Over the long holiday weekend, we spent a day at Legoland with some friends...
and some of our cousins and aunts and uncles.

Three nights ago, we played May I  with Papa and Curly.
May I  is a card game that my grandma Moon taught us years ago. 
We have been teaching anyone who will play with us and we have Papa and Curly addicted to the game.

I kept score... Papa won and then guess what happened.
He went into his famous "Vapor Lock" as Keith calls it.

I have also been busy taking pictures of Sam's class for the school Yearbook.

And we have been working on decorating our family room.  It is almost done.
I'll post pictures of the finished room when it's all complete.
(That's Gramma Moon in the picture on my bookshelf.  She fell down last month but has been making a slow and steady recovery.  She is quite remarkable, a polio survivor and she is fighting to keep walking in her young 90's.  I am convinced she must hold a world record for being the oldest walking polio survivor...I am still researching but can't find any statistics on the subject.)
I am so excited to have an actual decorated room that looks like it belongs in this house. 
It looks like it was actually decorated by an adult and not just a hodgepodge of furniture that we tried to make work.  It took four years to get one room done. 
Maybe we'll look all moved in by the time the kids are moving out. ;-)


GETyourMOMMYon said...

Good to hear some of your news. I'm inspired to get caught up too. First shiner to report, etc. You are such a tease with your family room. I want to see MORE!

Jen said...

I agree with Megan about the tease!!!