Sunday, February 28, 2010

A lovely day

This is February in San Diego...even during an El Nino year.  I'll let the pictures from our hike speak for themselves.  I hope we are still living here when we are old and looking back at these blog books.  Oh...and for historical purposes...future selves...this is the day after the giant 8.8 earthquake in Chile that resulted in our first Tsunami warning since living on the coast.  (It was tiny.)
Please Note:  The happy pictures at the end are the result of M&M bribes.

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Josh said...

This made me well up with tears a little bit. So much devastation thousands of miles away while two children peacefully play on the beach in California, oblivious to the sadness that two child their age might be facing right now. Sam and Elise are rays of light. I hope their spirit (M&M bribery aside) traverses over to the children of Chile.